Syrian Refugees

6 Ways You Can Help The Syrian Refugees NOW

Bombings, tragically, are part of daily life for Syrian families. There is a mass dispersion of refugees who seek shelter and safety since their homeland is now destroyed from the armed conflict that started March of 2011. Syrian refugees continue to suffer amidst war, sickness and famine. Here are a few things we could do to help.

Support doctors


As mass destruction reigns, hundreds of men, women and children suffer from significant injuries while having no easy access to medical care or doctors. By supporting organizations like Doctors Without Borders who go to the most challenging places to provide medical care to those who need it most, you can help this care reach the Syrian refugees suffering from a health crisis.

Support doctors


Spread their stories


Often, we see a lot of statistics on the news about the refugee crisis, but they fail to register and cause any real impact. But when we hear their personal stories, it makes us see that they’re just as real as we are and we form a human connection with them. It cultivates compassion and urges us to help. By spreading stories, you help build a community of people who will try to help the refugees.

Open your home to them


Refugees who manage to escape Syria with their life still need a place to stay. By signing on to organizations like Refugees Welcome, you can open up your home as a place to stay, for free or with rent.  The organization will subsidize some of the cost for the refugees if you choose to rent.

Have the right attitude and help others adopt the right attitude

right attitude

It is sadly not uncommon for people to hold an aggressive stance towards refugees – many refuse to have them in their country, much less their homes. Try to understand their suffering and put yourself in their shoes – how would you hope to be received if you were displaced from your home as your country gets destroyed? Attitude drives actions, so make sure you have the right one.

Use your social media platform


Social media is an undeniably powerful tool to spread a message and raise awareness about the condition of refugees suffering in Syria. Start sharing articles, photos and status updates across your numerous social network. You and your friends could start a hashtag to make it trending and pop up on the feed for many to see.



Here’s a list of trustworthy organizations you can donate money and supplies to that help aide refugees:

Doctors of the World – provides medical care to vulnerable groups as well as advocates for people’s health rights.

Calais Migrant Solidarity – focuses on organizing support from the U.K to those refugees in Calais.

The Jungle Library – created a library set up at the camp at Calais to provide refugees with education and books. – strives to make a difference locally by lobbying local councils, housing refugees and providing language support.